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  • Constitution & Bylaws [also available on Sharepoint]

  • Reporting Structure

    • Chair of WGS:​

      • Questions or issues related to advising, to department questions, etc. ​

    • Dean or Asst. Dean - Jen Bacon or Hyoejin Yoon:

      • Questions or issues not resolved within the department, or with questions regarding the chair

    • Ombudsperson - Joan Woolfrey:

      • The faculty ombudsperson is a designated neutral or impartial resource whose primary function is to provide trustworthy and informal assistance to the university’s faculty. For more info on the role of the ombudsperson, check out these FAQs.

      • anytime you have an issue and you aren't sure where to go​

      • An alternate ombuds is available: Dr. Vicki McKinley

  • Committees - this is a non-comprehensive list of committees whose interests often align with those of WGS

    • ​LGBTQIA+ University Caucus

    • EAIDI (Equity, Access, Inclusion, and Diversity Initiatives) Committee

    • CAH Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

    • APSCUF Social Justice Committee

operational policies: Publications
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