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  • First Semester

    • Complete OFD - Online Faculty Development. This course allows you to teach online at WCU​

  • Second Semester

    • Begin to think about Advising

    • Complete the Academic Advising Professional Development certification [call will most likely be sent out via email]

    • General Advising Info


  • New Faculty Checklist

  • NFO Binder - this contains forms and links related to everything from insurance, to retirement, to T&P. 

  • Service - we advise against non-departmental service in your first year (except for being a marshal at graduation: highly visible, easy service)

  • Advising structures ← Most often you won't begin advising until your second year

  • CODES for searching myWCU

    • If you ever need to search for older info, or even current, WCU uses a weird system: ​

    • All of the digits of the year minus the second # (So 2011 = 211), plus the number for the semester;  1 (spring), 2, 3 (first or second part of summer), 5 (fall), or 6 (winter) - 4 is post-summer session but we don't really use that. 

    • So, again, Spring 2021 would be 2211, Fall 2019 would be 2195

  • Interpreting SOE for understanding “your hire”

  • Winter courses pay more than summer courses, but payment is based on student enrollment

First Year: Courses
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